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Drop & Loop is a new service to collect post-consumer textiles for reuse and recycling with the Drop & Loop machine. The machine is installed in your store. From then on, you can offer the intake of used textiles as a sustainable form of service that you hardly have to worry about yourself. This is how it works: your customers take their old textiles to your store, including the broken ones. The program rewards customers when they hand in their used textiles to your store. Drop & Loop facilitates the entire process of logistics, clothing collection, sorting, re-purposing and recycling.

In the Wolkat factory in Tanger, Morocco, the collected textiles of Drop & Loop are sorted. Half of the textiles are suitable for reuse and are sold worldwide. The remaining fifty percent is cleaned, sorted by hand by material and color and spun into new yarns. No water, chemicals or dyes are used in this process. A wide range of woven and non-woven fabrics are made. These form the basis for the new and sustainable products that can be purchased in your store. This means that as a retailer and producer, you contribute to making worn clothing circular and you visibly contribute to making the textile industry more sustainable.