For four generations
a Tilburg family business
in textile recycling.

Since 1948
and Philip

Our history

Our story all started in 1948 when Toos Van Ierland stepped on her cargo bike to collect scrap metals in Tilburg. With her foresight, she saw that many products can have a second life. A bit later, Wolkat was founded and our family decided to apply these ideas in textiles. A logical step, knowing that Wolkat is located in Tilburg Textile City.

Our innovative and sustainable foresight has been in the family for over four generations. Nowadays the third and fourth generation work with great passion in our family business, putting specific emphasis on innovation. Since 2014 we are the proud owners of a closed loop within the textile recycling chain. Our close family cooperation and innovative thinking make Wolkat the textile recycling company that it is today. With our circular process, we not only honor Toos, but help making the world a better and more sustainable place by recycling and redeveloping.

Our circular process

The collected textiles are processed into new products for the fashion, car or furniture industry, all in-house.
In this last step, old textile is transformed into a new product.
The thread is used as weft yarn for our fabrics.
Hand in your old textiles, also the broken ones, in a textile container. For us it’s a raw material!
The new raw material is sent to our own spinning mill. Here yarns are spun in various thicknesses and qualities.
After cleaning the textile which is not suitable for reuse, the textile is sorted on color and fiber type.
The sorted textiles are chopped into pieces and fiberized. We don’t use dye or chemicals, this makes the process sustainable and unique.

Our team

Kimberley Van Der Wal

Business Developer - As fourth generation in the family business, Kimberley is mostly engaged in product, commercial and strategic development of Wolkat.

Annabelle Lampe

Product Developer - Annabelle is able to identify market trends and customer needs, and translate them into innovative and successful products that meet customer expectations.

Minoes Nellen

Product Marketer - In addition to managing social media, Minoes deals with all matters related to the orders of the end products.

Remi Veldhoven

Innovation Manager - Remi is involved in weaving textiles as well as innovations within the entire recycling and production process.

Safia Pamir

Product Developer - Safia ensures that ideas become reality and makes the first samples of the products.

Ricardo Pierens

Innovation and Business Development Manager knitwear – Ricardo is responsible for the knitwear within Wolkat. He develops and integrates innovations in knitwear and ensures it meets our customer’s demands.

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